What is travelling?

To travel is a journey. To move from one direction to another. It can be done by foot, motor vehicles, boat, horse and so on. The purpose of travelling depends on the traveller. Some wants to explore new destinations – abroad and in their own country. Other wants to relax and get away from everyday business. Some travel for work and for others work for travel.

It doesn’t matter if you stay at fancy hotels, urban hostels or in your own tent. If you visit friends and family or stay with strangers to learn about their culture. All kinds of travel gives different memories and experiences.

A journey inside yourself

One thing is certain: to travel should change you. It should opens your eyes. You should meet new people. You get personal challenged. Anything from finding the right street in a new city to order food with sign language. Or to fix your motorbike in monsoon rain. The point is – travelling is good for you. It is an journey inside yourself as well as in the outside world.

You do not have to book a ticket to the furthest destination. You do not have to go for at least six months. Go where you can and want. Explore your city, go biking to a lake, book train tickets to your neighbor country or start hitchhiking. Begin your travel today!


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