The hungry traveller

Who does not get hungry during their day? Food is an essential part of our everyday life wherever we are. When travelling, food is a part of the destinations culture. Travelling is a great way to discover new flavors, cuisines and create good memories. To eat with locals can also be a fantastic way to enter someones lives and understand more of their culture.

Do not be afraid to try something new. There are thousands of combinations of spices. There are thousands kinds of fruits and vegetables you never have heard about. And there is no reason you shouldn’t go out tasting them (unless you are allergic).

Food is culture – do not miss out on what is going on

To eat is to join someone. To eat in a foregin country is to be open for new impressions and show respect to the locals. You will discover a lot of new dishes. You will discover interesting and weird food. There will be less good memories, but also moments you wish you could repeat. Once-in-a-lifetime meals do happen on the road. Whether it is a local wedding, a street food corner or a gourmet meal. It all depends on who you are as a traveller and timing.

Go explore the world of taste!


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Travel equals food. You can’t get away with that. Either you travel for food, or you have to eat sometimes…