Cities – A populated area that serves as an important center for the local people. A place to explore for music, food, architecture and events. Cities can offer a combination of nature and urban life, while others are so big they are enough alone.
For travellers, cities can offer an international feeling as many cultures mingle in one place. Also, cities can be a break after exploring the wild nature. It is civilization. A city do have its own vibe, its own speed and movement. To be able to understand this, you have to travel there and experience it. The cities, most often, represent the country they are located in. It is a way of understanding the country as well as the culture when you travel in a city. It is also here you often find the underground events and parties.
The city articles at are insights into different cities in the world. A guideline to what this city can offer. We hope to inspire and make you want to go.

Tbilisi – a city guide to Georgias capital rich on culture and history!

Tbilisi, a capital city with long history and a mix of many cultures. Settlements in this area date back to…

Batumi – a guide to a city by the Black Sea filled with flashy architecture and old history

Batumi is the second largest city in Georgia placed at the South of the Black Sea coast. Batumi used to…

Kutaisi – a guide to the old capital of Georgia

Once the capital of Georgia, Kutaisi is now still one of the biggest cities in Georgia. Due to the nearby,…