Trekking in Georgia – a country filled with unique trekking trails

Suitable for everyone - trekking in Georgia is perfect!

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Remote villages can be explored while trekking in Georgia

Georgia and trekking is a perfect match as the country is filled with untouched nature. The nature national parks are filled with mountains of the Caucasus region, lakes, forests and authentic village life. There is something for all kinds of travellers and trekkers when it comes to trekking in Georgia. One day treks to multi day treks.
The different treks offer the possibility of sleeping and eating in guesthouses. At the same time, Georgia is the perfect target for wildlife camping and trekking.


Nature of Georgia – diverse mountain nature

The nature in Georgia is very diverse as it is in the middle of the Caucasus region. There are mountains to discover and climb. Europe’s highest peak is located in Georgia: Mount Elbrus (5642 meters above sea level). Volcanoes (Kabargin Oth and Kasbek), spring water sources (Borjomi) and hot springs. Huge lakes (Bateti, Tabatskuri and Tobavarchkhili) and glacier rivers (Adishi). There is also forests, steps and much more.

Three regions for trekking in Georgia

One can roughly divide Georgia into three parts when it comes to trekking destination.


Tusheti – north-east of Georgia. The most remote and unique area for trekking. One of the worlds most dangerous roads is the only way in to Tusheti. Popular for multi day treks.


Svaneti – north-west of Georgia. Popular and easy accessable. Suitable for multi day treks.


Kazbegi – north in Georgia. Easiest access. Suitable for one day treks as well as multi day treks. Very popular trekking area.

Skull in Georgi – Svaneti national park

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Popular treks in Georgia – find the perfect trekking trail for you

Trekking in Georgia is becoming more and more popular. There are now many famous treks you can go. Some are easily accessable with marshrutkas, others are located on one of the most dangerous roads in the world.

georgia trekking trails
Follow the trekking trials to untouched nature in Georgia

Hereby follows a small suggestions of popular trekking trails in Georgia:

  • Mestia to Ushguli (4 days, 58,5 km): Easy accesable, easy trail. (SVANETI)
  • Svaneti to Racha (4 days, 38 km): Remote area of Svaneti, difficult trail. (SVANETI)
  • Keli Plateau (3 days, 37 km): A different perspective of the Kazbegi area, moderate trail. (KAZBEGI)
  • Tusheti to Khevsureti (5 days, 77 km): Very remote area. Moderate trails. (TUSHETI)
  • Omalo to Shatili (5 days, 70 km): A classic trek in Tusheti, mix of remote areas for camping and guesthouses. Moderate trails. (TUSHETI)

As you can see, there are many options for the travellers who wants to explore Georgian nature. Depending on your time, experience and wishes, anything is possible. From an easy day trek just to get away from the busy city to explore the wild nature. Georgia has something for you!

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