Tbilisi – a city guide to Georgias capital rich on culture and history!

Tbilisi - the capital of Georgia with long history and exciting nightlife!

Tbilisi, a capital city with long history and a mix of many cultures. Settlements in this area date back to 4th millennium BC, which later turned to be a perfect location for trade. Right in the middle of Europe and Asia, Tbilisi is the city everyone enters. Because of this, there has been many who wanted control of this city of Georgia. Big empires such as the Roman empire, Arab empire, Sassanid Persia, Parthia and Seljuk Turks are some examples. During the soviet union, Tbilisi was a very important city – actually the cultural capital for Soviet.

Because of this, Tbilisi as a city has a lot of variety to offer any traveller. The architecture and historical sights will entertain travellers with historical interest. Opera, theater, cinemas and museums seems endless in this city – perfect for the one who consumes culture. Last, but not least, a booming nightlife with top-of-the-world clubs featuring international and national DJ’s offers something for the party and music interested traveller. If you are a mix of these kinds of travellers, it is easy to spend a long time in Tbilisi.

Temperature of Tbilisi – warm summers and moderate winters

Get clean in historical sulfur baths of Tbilisi. The name Tbilisi means “warm” or “hot”. Not strange as it is situated on top of hot water spring (sulfur water – which you can enjoy in the bath houses of Tbilisi). Tbilisi has therefor only moderat cold winters despite its placement. The hottest month is June, and the average temperature in summer time (June-August) is 40,8 degrees celsius (105,44 fahrenheit).

Tbilisi bath house
Get clean in historical sulfur baths of Tbilisi

Things to do and see in Tbilisi

As earlier mentioned, there is a lot of different things to do and see in Tbilisi. If you are a city traveller looking for a mix of historical and modern architecture, music and festivals and a blend of cuisines – Tbilisi is a great choice. Hereby follows a list of things to do and see in Tbilisi.

  • The national garden of Georgia – Tbilisi botanical garden
  • Georgian National Museum
  • Narikala Fortress
  • The bridge of Peace
  • Anchiskhati Basilica
  • Vorontsov’s Palace (also known as the Childrens Palace)
  • Sioni Cathedral
  • The Bath Houses of Tbilisi (Bath no 5 and Royal Bath are famous ones)
National Botanical Garden of Georgia
Tbilisi Botanical Garden

As mentioned, Tbilisi has a top noted nightlife with some of the worlds best clubs. Bassiani, Cafe Gallery and Mtkvarze are three examples. Find their SoMe page and look at their upcoming events. If you are a traveller on budget it can be smart to buy a ticket in advance. As a more spontaneous traveller you can always buy a ticket in the door at the event day. Enjoy and do not forget to drink some Georgian wine!

Transportation in Tbilisi – how to get to and from and around

Tbilisi has the biggest airport in Georgia. Flights are both domestic and international. There is also two train stations offering routes to other big cities in Georgia such as Kutaisi, Zugdidi and Batumi. Check Georgian Railway for more information. You can also buy tickets at the stations.

For public transport, Tbilisi offers metro, busses and marshrutkas. The metro was built during the Soviet Union and has two lines. It runs from 06:00 in the morning to midnight (00:00). Tickets are around 0,70 GEL (less than $0.40).

There are several municipal busses running around in Tbilisi, but more commonly used are the marshrutkas. The marshrutkas are similar to minibusses. The ticket in Tbilisi is between 0.5-0.8 GEL per ride. There are signs in fron of the marshrutkas, but most often written with Georgian letters. For travellers it is helpful if you know your destination and follow the route on a map-app, like

Enjoy cold wine - wine ice cream in Tbilisi
Where else than Tbilisi can you find wine ice cream? It is the perfect combo in a warm city with old wine traditions!

Food in Tbilisi- the world on your plate

As a city of long history and perfect trade position, the food reflect the multi-cultural setting. Of course, Georgian cuisine is available everywhere like the khachapuri, khinkali, shotis and Georgian wine. Next to this there is also many arabic restaurants and cafes. Furthermore, international cuisines as italian, asian, american and so on is easily found everywhere.

Enjoy a city filled with it all. Tbilisi offers something for everyone and with low prices. Perfect for all kinds of traveller.

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