Kutaisi – a guide to the old capital of Georgia

Explore Kutaisi - history, sights and transportation to and from the city in the mid-west of Georgia!

Once the capital of Georgia, Kutaisi is now still one of the biggest cities in Georgia. Due to the nearby, cheap flights, airport, many starts their travel here. The city offers sights and places to check out.

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Explore Kutaisi – the old capital of Georgia

The city center is rather small. Here you can find parks, statues, cafes and hotels. There is also a local market, Kutaisi Market, where you can buy food and other stuff. When you head for the train or bus station (auto station), you will see the city itself is bigger. The point is that all the museums, cafes and parks are mostly around David Agmashenebeli Square and by the Rioni river. Hereby, Kutaisi seems small for a big city.

Temperature in the summertime of Kutaisi
It is rather warm in Kutaisi in the summer, June-August with average temperature of 27.8 degrees celsius (82.04 Fahrenheit).

What to see – attractions and sights in Kutaisi

Hereby follows suggestions of sights and attractions in Kutaisi. They are in random order. If attractions and sights do not speak to you, find the local market, buy food and enjoy it in a park.

  • Kutaisi State Historical Museum
  • Bagrati Cathedral (small walk from city center). FREE
  • David Agmashenebeli Square with an impressive water fountain in the middle of the city – Colchis Fountain. FREE
  • Prometheus Cave (be aware of its “lack of natural” – stage lights everywhere).
  • Gelati Monastery (not in walking distance, UNESCO listed). FREE (but you need a car, tour ie.)

Next to this there is also possibilities of going trekking, river rafting, horse riding and on guided tours. The prices vary from company to company, but it is not hard to get offers. Look around, talk with the different tourist agents and book a trip if it interests you. Kutaisi is more than the city center.

Transportation in Kutaisi – know how to get

A “bus” (a van or “marshrutka”) from the airport is roughly 5 GEL per person. Taxi is about 50 GEL per car. It takes 20 minutes to get to center.

There is a train station with trains going to Zugdidi and Tbilisi. Run by Georgian Railway. Buy tickets online or at the station.

Busses (90% of the time marshrutkas*) are leaving from the Auto Station in all directions of Georgia. Popular and common destinations are Batumi, Mestia and Tbilisi.

If you know what you want, hiking, cafes, wine tasting, historical buildings – Kutaisi can offer all of it. Do some research and do not forget to get a little spontaneous while you roam the city.

*Marshrutkas are common in many of the Baltic countries and Georgia, Ukraine, Syria and Bulgaria. They are a form of public transport or “shared taxies”. Normally big vans with number plates in the front window. Wave your hand and the driver will stop and let you in, speak when you want to get off. Pay the driver directly with cash. In Georgia it can be a little tricky if you do not speak Russian or Georgian, but if you know the name of the place you want to go off, people will help you.
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