Batumi – a guide to a city by the Black Sea filled with flashy architecture and old history

Visit the city of contrast - once a sea port, now tourism and casinos!

Batumi is the second largest city in Georgia placed at the South of the Black Sea coast. Batumi used to be an important trade city, a sea port, but are now more famous for being a place for tourists. Tourism and gambling are the main income areas, but the city is still an important as a sea port. It is close to Turkey and easy accessable (train, busses, flights). Batumi has an interesting mix of cultures due to its placement and history. Close to the Turkish border, there is Turkish areas which offer Turkish food, coffee, tea and more. As Batumi has been an, and still is, important sea port, you find all kinds of people here – and hereby also a big variety in food. Still, the Georgian culture is strong with the khachapuris, shotis and marshrutkas.

Temperature in Batumi – hot summer and cold winters

In the summer the temperatures are high, but in wintertime there is snow. The average temperature in summer (June-August) is 25.3 degrees celsius. This matches the water temperature making the Black Sea a pleasant experience.

During the winter the temperature change drastically in Batumi. It is cold despite its close border to Turkey and the ocean. It is not unusual to see Batumi covered in snow during the winter time. Remember your coat!

Top sights to see in Batumi

There are many cafes, restaurants, casinos and shops in Batumi. A long with this there are plenty of resorts along the coast near Batumi. But there are also some more unique sights in this city. The following list is in random order. This site do not recommend visiting the popular Dolphinarium as this is animal cruelty. Try to find sights that does not use animals.

  • Batumi Boulevard (FREE)
  • Batumi Sea Port (FREE)
  • Batumi Botanical Garden (FREE)
  • Adjara State Museum (Tickets)
  • Cafe Fantasy
  • Chacha Clock Tower (FREE)

Eat the famous Adjara version of the khachapuris here (or in any of the nearby locations along the coast). If you just want to enjoy and relax, hit the stone beach and lay down. Dip in the ocean. If you feel for some adrenaline, there are plenty of people who offers parasailing and other water activities for money. However, if you are not looking for banana boats and busy life down the beach of Batumi, head a little north to for example Makhinjauri or Kobuleti. These areas are still somewhat similar to Batumi, but not as many people, hereby a little calmer.

Transportation – how to get to and from Batumi

Batumi has its own airport with domestic and international flights. There is a nearby train station with daily trains to Tbilisi. The train is operated by Georgian Railway. Tickets can be bought online, at travel agencies and at the station itself. At the auto station you can get private taxies, busses and marshrutka. Here you can get to any destination (or close) in Georgia. Popular options are Kobuleti, Mestia, Zugdidi, Tbilisi and Kutaisi.


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