Ferry from Georgia to Bulgaria – a guide to how to cross the Black Sea

Step-by-step on how you can cross the Black Sea from Georgia to Bulgaria by ferry

Introduction – ferry from Georgia to Bulgaria crossing the Black Sea

If you want to leave Georgia, but do not want to cross to other countries by land (bus, train, car) or by airplane – it is possible to take the ferry over the Black Sea. The routes are to Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and Bulgaria. This article will cover the least covered one, Georgia to Bulgaria with ferry.

It is an excellent way of experience the Black Sea and do something different. Also, if you are travelling with your own vehicle, you can bring it on the ferry.

How to get on board on the ferry? Step-by-step guide on how to get on board!

It is not very easy to get tickets. We found the route on Google Maps, googled the one company, PBM, and started on finding the office. As this was a long search along the road of Batumi, here is the short description of what you have to do in order to get on board.

The hidden office for the ferry from Batumi to Burgas

The ferry is in Batumi every Monday. You have to wait outside a very old worn out brown building for the office workers to arrive and begin the registration the passangers passports.

 GPS cordinates: 41.645963, 41.651551 – location for the office – only open two times a week. You only need to be here on Mondays.

ferry georgia bulgaria
The entrance to the office for the ferry company. It was not easy to find. Go here to get your passport registrered for the ferry from Batumi to Burgas.

The ferry do not have a exact schedule, so expect waiting. Be there from 13 o’clock. When the office men are ready, they will copy your passports and write down your phone number. Important: You need to have a valid phone number they can contact you on as they will call you when the ferry is ready to have passangers on board.

Waiting time before boarding the ferry to Bulgaria

The waiting time is unclear, it really depends on the loading time and it vary from shipment to shipment. We waited from 13 o’clock to 04 o’clock in the night.
When they call, you can go with them to the boat. They will talk to the guards and officers. Always have your passport ready as many wants to check it as the office men have a list with your name and passport number.
Now you are on board!

Finally on board – entering, payment and passport control on the ferry

You will be guided to the reception where they will registrer your passport again and here you will pay. For passanger only, it is 120 Euro in cash. Important: Remember to have the amount in cash. It is not possible to pay with card or with other currency. Check the rest of the pricing if you are bringing a car, motorbike etc here.
You will receive a key to your cabin. After some hours (you can sleep while waiting), border police will enter and you will get your passport stamped. You will get your passport back at the end of the ferry ride. The ferry ride is approximately two to three days. In the meantime, enjoy the life on board.

On the ship – how is everyday life on the ferry from Georgia to Bulgaria

Food and drink – all included on the ferry to Bulgaria

Every meal with drinks is provided while you are on board. The 120 Euros cover the office work, the cabin, food and beverage. There are three meals per day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is meat to every meal (mostly pork), so if you are vegetarian please inform the reception when you check in. Be prepared that vegetarian food is a lot of cheese and you can also get fish instead of meat.

The beverages is a juice machine with very artificial tasty juice options. Cold water is always available. Breakfast includes unlimited coffee and tea.

Food and beverage is served in the cafeteria. No smoking allowed. It is a simple room with tables and chairs. One TV with Russian dubbed movies usually runs. A fridge with a freezer is also here. This room is the same room as the reception and the bar. You can buy snacks and alcohol.

The cabin: your home for the next days on sea towards Bulgaria

ferry georgia bulgaria
Inside the ferry cabin from Batumi to Burgas. Bunkbeds, window, bathroom with shower and toilet. Bed linens, towels, soap, toilet paper included.

The cabin is simple, small and private. You have your own bathroom with toilet and shower. Toilet paper, soap and shampoo is provided. Towels and bed linens too. The cabins consist of bunkbeds, a table, closet and a window.

Where to hang out if you do not want to be in your cabin while you sail towards Bulgaria?

It is only possible to go outside on the smoking deck for passangers. It is on the backside, so it is less windy. Here you can smoke or watch the ocean. When entering the big sea away from the harbor, there is a lot of movement as the boat is tilting left – right – left – right. This also makes many things move around inside and you will be listening to big sounds of metal and heavy objects hitting each other. Do not worry. It is not abnormal and the ferry is built for enduring this heavy tilting.

If you feel seasick, the outside smoking deck is where you want to be. Keep drinking water, get fresh air and focus on the horizon. Do not look down or on the waves. Do not stay inside in your bed. This will only make it worse.

There is a smoking lounge next to the cafeteria. Here you can smoke inside and watch more Russian dubbed movies. There is also a wending machine who sells some beers and snacks.

Socialize – who else is taking this ferry to from Georgia to Bulgaria?

The passangers are mostly Bulgarian truck drivers who speak little English. It is not so much to do on this boat other than eat, watch the ocean, Russian dubbed movies or sleep in your cabin bed. There might also be some other travellers who found this ferry, but do not be surprised if you are the only one. Not many people take this ferry.

Summary – time, money, what to prepare for the ferry from Georgia til Bulgaria

To summarize, the ferry from Batumi to Burgas in Bulgaria costs 120 Euro in cash if you only travel by foot. You have to meet up at the office on Monday around 13 o’clock. You will have to wait for entering the boat. Remember to have a valid phone number so the office can reach you when the ferry is ready to be boarded. Your passport will be stamped out on the boat. There is not much entertainment on the boat, but it is a very different experience. All food and beverage is included. If you want alcohol and snacks you can always bring this along and enjoy it between the meals. Sailing time, approximately three days.

ferry georgia bulgaria
When you feel seasick or just want some fresh air, or maybe just enjoy the view, go to the smoking deck.
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