Europe – a big continent filled with languages and cultures

Europe is a continent of the world and a popular travel destination. The continent offers great diversity as Europe stretches far north-to-south and west-to-east.

There are currently living 738 million people in Europe with many different ethnic groups. The languages in Europe are highly diverse from English, French, Spanish, Polish, Svan, Greek, Turkish and Icelandic – just to mention some examples.

European culture – diverse and different

It is hard to point out one specific culture in Europe, but it can be argued that European countries share heritage from the Roman Empire. Europe culture can be viewed in three; Germanic, Slavic and Latin. Each one of these have several under-categories of cultures, Europe is diverse, but not separated. Most cultures in Europe are mixed – hereby why it is a popular travel destination.

What do you want to do as a traveller in Europe?

Winter holidays in Europe

If you are looking for winter holiday with skiing and snow, Europe has top destination. Scandinavia and the Nordic countries offer true winter in the North of Europe. Here you might also experience Aurora Borealis, a nature wonder of electric fields and the sun. The alps (Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Italy) offers ski holiday with wood lodges in idyllic atmosphere.

Summer and sun in Europe – top destinations for all kinds of travellers

Sunny sights are popular destinations for travellers entering Europe. Try the well-known coast of Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece. Here you can also go surfing, hiking and enjoy high quality European cuisine. The more unexplored, but still popular part of Europe, eastern countries such as Bulgaria, Moldova, Albania and Georgia also offer sun and heat.

There are plenty of destinations in Europe. There are countless of cities, old historical marks and sights, important food and drink destination and wild nature ready to be explored.

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