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Cryptocurrency is coming into our lives!


Whence are we and where are we going?


In 2019, entrepreneur Iskander Khasanov invited people to create a global market without financial borders, agents and bureaucratic obstacles. A marketplace where we will bring together buyers and sellers of goods across the globe to create a system that will take eCommerce to the next level.


The community of people who endorsed Iskander's idea was originally named WebTokenProfit, and in 2020, Wecco World Ltd. was registered in Hong Kong.


Now the community numbers tens of thousands of members and is dynamically struggling with attainment of its goals. On April 20, 2021, the first offline crypto enthusiasts meeting took place in Moscow.

Strategic goal

Wecco communities

altСтратегическая цель сообщества WECCOaltalt

We are building our Wekonomics - an e-commerce environment where good money drives out bad money.

We are creating Puzzle Market - a global marketplace for trading without intermediaries. Exclusive "Know How" technologies make it possible to launch game mechanics and auctions among the participants, which makes the buying process pleasant, profitable and very interesting.

To launch the Puzzle Market, we need:

  • Get (mine) cryptocurrency

    WEC / RA

  • The community is over




Puzzle Market is an innovative approach to creating a marketplace, with huge opportunities for global business without the Web Coin Pay payment system.


Mining technology

POS Referral AirDrop

Maximum emission


Issue term

15 years

The Wecco community has its own view on technologies for promoting goods and services.

We believe that people need to pay to view ads, they are spending their time and attention on it. To put this idea into practice, the RAIDO (RA) target token was created in 2020. Advertising on the Puzzle Market platform (PM ) is sold only for RA tokens.

Mining technology

POS Referral AirDrop

Maximum emission


Issue term

before the start of the Puzzle Market

Buy and sell.


You can buy or sell a RAIDO token on the Coin-Galaxy cryptocurrency exchange. The exchange has a very simple intuitive user interface. On the YouTube channel, we provide special video tutorials in which we teach beginners the basics of exchange trading.

Our technical support does not respond in a formulaic way and tries to treat each request individually. In 2021, the Coin-Galaxy exchange, together with Wecco World Ltd, twice became a Platinum sponsor at the international forum Blockchain Life.

Currently, the RAIDO token is mined by users through payments in Wecco projects, including through staking

POS Referral AirDrop technology allows you to receive up to 1% per day in RAIDO tokens