Welcome to raido.io – a place to get inspiration from real world travellers

Hello and welcome to raido.io. We are a site about travelling. Here you can find articles about countries and what this country can offer for travellers. Basically, what to do, eat, drink and see while you travel somewhere.

raido.io is a site for exploring the world. A world filled with new sites for everyone! We want you to go too. Here we share our experiences, views and thoughts about the places we visit.

Who are we? The creators behind raido.io – multi-language budget-travellers

The team behind raido is Elin and Alex. We are two travellers who met on the road about one year ago. Now, after travelling together, googling this and that, we figured – why not write our own experiences.
Elin is from Norway, and has been travelling since October 2016. She enjoys diving, climbing,trekking, surfing, horseback riding and photography. She is also a big animal lover.
Alex is from Germany. He has been travelling since January 2016. A big passion for Alex is electronic music and underground movement. Also, he is a real beach boy. Give him a motorbike too and he will be a big yes.

Both of us are on low-budget backpacking roaming around to find out what else is out there. We both try to avoid very touristy places, and we search for areas where we can meet locals, learn something new about the country we are visiting and enjoy nature. In total, we speak six languages which makes us a kind of multi-language travel buddies.

Raido – inspiration from the Nordic rune for journey and travelling

The name Raido comes from the Futhark – the rune alphabet of the viking age. Runes were used by the Vikings both to write messages and alike, but each rune also has its own meaning and symbolism. Runes was, and still is in some places, used for protection and “magic”. As an example, if you wanted safe travels and a good journey, Raido is your rune.

Raido, or Raidho, stands for “journey” – be it in your mind and in your life. It is about exploring and movement, to go and see. And with this, to grow within. Raido is our inner compass which makes us go where we want to go.

We hope we inspire you! Get out in the world, in your own country or a completely new continent. Go explore and do not be afraid to go your own way. Everyone has their own journey – be sure to not forget that.